Sneak Peek: Features

New Features

In the current KDE SVN development branch, which will become KDE 3.5, several new features have been added. Among these are:

  • The "Scan for networks..." button now allows you to switch to the networks it has discovered. This works even for WEP encrypted networks, you can enter the WEP key in the results window
  • The system tray icon is now transparent so that it fits nicely into arbitrary kicker skins. It has also been brushed up a little so that the numbers should never be so large that they obscure parts of the icon or become unreadable.
  • A tooltip that tells the currently connected SSID has been added to the system tray icon
  • The control center module attempts to auto-detect if you entered a hexadecimal or a string key
  • Interface selection is now done per config, not globally in order to support more than one interface. It defaults to auto-detection to make things easier if only one interface is present

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