Bugs, Wishes, Contact

Bugs and Feature Requests

KWiFiManager uses the usual KDE Bug Tracking System on bugs.kde.org. In order to submit a new bug or wishlist item you have the following options:

  • use the menu item “Help” -> “Report problems or wishes...” to open a new bug report which has your distribution specific details already filled in.
  • directly go to the KWiFiManager bug submission page

When reporting a bug, please supply the following information:

  • the model of the Wireless LAN card you are using
  • the driver for that card
  • the version of the wireless tools & wireless extensions (use “iwconfig --version” for that)

And if you want to know what bugs and wishes are currently open, the this query will tell you.


Clicking on "Help"->"About" shows the current contact e-mail address on the "Author" tab (which I will not repeat here to prevent drowning in spam). Alternatively, you can post something on the mailing list.

 I am currently collecting questions to enlarge the FAQ, so be prepared that your question might get included :-)

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