Downloading KWiFiManager

The current version of KWiFiManager is contained in the main KDE distribution. Therefore, please use the usual distribution channels for KDE tarballs, RPMs, DEBs, or whatever you use. For Gentoo Linux, issue “emerge wireless-tools”, “emerge kdenetwork”.

A comprehensive guide on where to download the current version of KDE can be found on the KDE homepage.

You may want to have a look at the KWiFiManager sources in the KDE SVN repository:

  • SVN access is possible via KDE’s anonymous SVN service (read-only)
  • A web interface for the SVN repository is available as well, for both the
    KDE 3.5 development branch
    - the upcoming
    KDE 4.0 development
  • If you want to contribute code, please send patches to the author.

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